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An adventure in self-discovery and healing through art and play.

By Barb Kobe

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The Power of Three
Your Inner Financial Advisor
The Herald

The Power of Three

I've recently started using a journaling process that I call the Power of 3.
It¹s a wonderful way to connect with your self, your soul and your dreams.

Begin with a cup of tea or coffee, your journal and pen, and gather three
books that call to you. Approach the process with an open mind and an
intention of discovery. The three books or inspirational card decks can be
any three you like. I generally use daily meditation books that have a
thought, prayer or meditation for each day, like The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie or The Artist's Soul by Linda Coons. Let your intuition be part of your choosing.

First draw a triangle on a page in your journal. Then open to any page in
one of your books and find a sentence or two that seems to resonate with
you. Position those words in a box at one of the points of the triangle. Do
this with each of your three books so you end up with a thought at each
point in the triangle.

After writing down the three thoughts, circle key words in each thought.

Then ask yourself,
How are these words connected?
What is the message that is coming through for me?
How does the wisdom from these words help me with a struggle, a block, or letting go?
What kind of insight or awareness comes from these three thoughts?

After some reflection, write a personal affirmation or inspiration in the
center of the pyramid. Use words from the three sentences and always write it as an "I" statement. To deepen the connection to the statement, try
creating a short poem from the process. Here¹s one of mine;

If I give myself
time each day
with my creativity
my dreams, my music,
my soul becomes quiet
I am in my body and am nourished.

The Power of 3 has helped me to do just that...connect with myself, my soul and my dreams.

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Your Inner Financial Advisor

When I took on the persona of Felicia Shrewd, I sat up taller and felt centered and calm while dealing with money. She asked me how I might perceive this situation as an opportunity. She invited me to see the possibilities, be curious about money and most important to see what I could learn while playing with numbers. My creative enactment eventually helped to create a shift my ways of dealing with money.

Think about your relationship with money. Identify all the ways you are resisting participation with it. Then list all the ways you want to be instead of the resistant you. Think of names of people whose behavior models how you want to think and behave and pick a first name. Then connect with a quality of this inner advisor that will motivate you to take risks, challenge your attitudes and facilitate you playing with possibilities. This will be your last name. Say the name of your inner advisor out loud three times. Call a friend or two and introduce yourself as your inner advisor. Find pictures in magazines that represent him or her and make a collage of them and all the qualities your inner advisor invites you to own and play with. Playing with this can take you to new places in your relationship with yourself.

Sparkers - The Creative Journey © 2007 Barb Kobe for Coaching Toys Inc - Sparkers, all rights reserved. Find more Sparkers by Barb at

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The Herald

What is calling to you?

A Call (in the mythical sense) invites you into a life journey, offering you the opportunity to face the unknown and gain something of physical or spiritual value. It is your call to growth, change or new insight. It can come boldly as a "transformative crisis," a sudden, often traumatic change in our lives or it can sneak up on us gradually, with our first perception of it being a vague sense of discontent, imbalance or incongruity in our lives.

The Herald is a person, place, experience or thing that calls you to the journey. It can be an actual person, an illness, a change, a poem; anything that tends to wake you to what's happening within and outside of you. The Herald will continue to call you until one day you have no choice but to answer the call.

Stop and do a mindful consideration of what is going on in your life right now.

Are you struggling with an issue that begs for your attention? Do you feel fearful that if you went toward this struggle that you would lose control, maybe even lose the sense of knowing who you are? The seeds of problems and conflicts are already present here waiting to be activated. A Herald may be calling you to pay attention to something important that will send you in a new direction.

One way to approach this exploration is to imagine that you are writing a story, fairy tale or myth; begin with the words, "Once upon a time…." Name yourself as the Hero and what is the Herald calling you to. Title the work, "Coming Home to Myself"

Sparkers - The Creative Journey © 2007 Barb Kobe for Coaching Toys Inc - Sparkers, all rights reserved. Find more Sparkers by Barb at

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Sparkers Creative exercises, while mostly fun and enriching may occasionally tap into unresolved issues or discomfort. This may signal some healing to attend to. If this should happen for you and you feel you need help contact a professional counselor. Coaching, while powerful it is not a substitute for therapeutic intervention.


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