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The Unboxed Brain is a monthly ezine bringing you innovation, spirit and creativity.  We feature articles by coaching professionals and others working on the creative frontier.

Sacred Space

 by Mary Welch    

How do you get your mind around a concept that is incomprehensible, like space? I have been in awe of the vastness of outer space for many years and until very recently, I could not even vaguely grasp the reality of it; but last winter, through a totally mundane visual experience, my perception of ‘space’ was transformed serendipitously!

It was a bright, blue sky, very cold winter day in Minnesota and I was vacuuming in my lower level family room. The sun was shining through the windows, creating a perfectly distinct sunbeam from the window to the fireplace, and in the dazzling light I could see the gzillions of tiny dust particles that I had stirred up. Each one was completely separate from the other, floating in a space that was miniscule to the size of the area of my home and almost negligible as I gradually widened my view to include the space of the brilliant blue sky. There seemed to be no physical connection to the tiny particles, yet it was so obvious they were part of a greater totality. I stood transfixed over this celestial display and found myself reflecting on how this image is a great metaphor for the mysteries of the cosmos and our natural physical surroundings, as well as the mystery of ‘inner’ space.

I honestly saw the ‘no-thingness’ between particles and yet I knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was ‘something’ holding them together, something that had a power greater than any personal power of myself. I felt awed and excited by the simplicity and the complexity of this natural occurrence. Then I walked through the display and looked at it from another angle. No apparent change in the sunbeam or particles, but my perception certainly changed! Standing in the way of the light caused me to see less of the particles and less of the whole! I thought about all of the dust particles I wasn’t even seeing because they were ‘in the dark’, not in the path of the sunlight. Wow, Nature sure is a great teacher!! This was a clear metaphor for what happens to me when my vision is clouded by my fears and I refuse to see things from more than one perspective. The whole experience took only a couple of minutes, but my belief in the reality of the unseen was affirmed and I felt a renewed determination to keep my eyes open to profound insights from unexpected spaces.

Believe me, this wasn’t the first time I had seen a galaxy of dust mites in my home, but it sure was the first time I experienced a spiritual moment with them. My family room had become a sacred space because I had my eyes open to seeing something familiar through a new lens. And that can happen anywhere. And we can create it at will; we don’t have to wait for a serendipitous happening.
Sacred Spaces happen when there is a conscious intention to be more aware of the beauty and mystery surrounding us and within us.

As a facilitator and coach, I have found that I am most effective when I am in touch with the sacred space within me. Only then am I able to honor the sacred space within a person or a group. By taking the time to know the essence of myself, I am modeling what I expect of my clients and then in our work together, we reflect the beauty within each of us and we both grow deeper in our awareness of the sacred. Then we can stand in awe – just like I stood in awe of the dust cloud.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and the following list of suggestions for staying in touch with the sacred are things you probably do already. By stating them, I am simply reminding myself and sharing with you what works for me.

To experience sacred space…

• Light a candle. That’s all, simply light a candle and know that by doing so you have enfolded whatever you are doing in the sacred warmth and light of awareness.
• Be still. Turn off the radio, the television and the chatter in your head chanting the ‘to-do’ list. Listen to your inner voice and honor that sound as a sacred sound. No matter what it says. Observe it from a neutral perspective and befriend it. It has much to teach.
• Do the personal growth work needed to become aware of your sacred center. Choose courage instead of fear and freedom will be your gift.
• Define for yourself what is ‘sacred space’.
• Work in circles. Notice circles. Create circles…wherever you go. They are the perfect container for expressing the Truth of our lives.
• Actively participate in a community that expresses its appreciation for the sacred.
• Declare your intention to be aware of the sacredness in the profoundly mundane and expect the unexpected!
• Make time for spiritual renewal a priority in your life. Retreat from the ordinary in order to experience the extraordinary. When you return to the everyday happenings in your life, you will have a new perspective and the sacredness of your life will have a brighter glow.
• Be mindful. Embrace what’s happening right NOW. Your body is breathing, the planet is spinning, the birds are singing, the mail is being delivered. Be grateful ~ divine order is at work.

There is no need to reach beyond the stars to find a sacred space. It is here, right now, at this place. Our whole life is sacred … the planet on which we live, the body in which we move and love, the people who share our life journey, our past experiences, this present moment, and the future we are creating today. They are all sacred; we need only see them through eyes of awe.

Namaste (I honor that sacred place where the divine in me is the divine in you.)

 © 2004, Mary Welch, all rights reserved



Mary Welch has over 30 years experience in education and business.
She is a TOP® facilitator and a CTI coach with a degree in Transformational Leadership.

Mary facilitates the retreat “Yes, you are a goddess. Awaken your sacred soul”. Using music, dance, art, writing and personal sharing, this retreat invites women to define what it means to be a goddess today and supports them in reflecting on their personal journey as a goddess.
Activities are designed around the five basic elements of goddess energies which reconnect women to Nature, Body, Mother, Unconscious and the Community of Women.
The next retreat is Nov. 4-7, 2004
Stillwater, MN . $450 (includes private room & all meals)

Contact Mary at : or by telephone at 763.566.6816



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